Excerpt from Chef's Favorite: A Curvy Girl Steamy Alpha Romance (Evergreen Hotel Romance Series Book 1)

“Hey are you working at Evergreen Lake this season?”
            Emily broke her trance of staring out the window and turned to see who was talking to her. Across the aisle was a beautiful, full-figured woman with dark brown curls and a captivating smile.
            “Umm, uh, yes? How did you know?” said Emily.
            “Not to be rude, but you don’t look like you’re rich enough to stay at Evergreen Lake.  I mean if you were, you wouldn’t be taking a shuttle bus.”  The bus bounced hard as if making her point.
            “I’m coming on for housekeeping this year. It’s my first season with the hotel.”  The woman’s eyes suddenly lit up.
            “Housekeeping? Me too! Oh my god, that’s great. I’m Rachel by the way.” She thrust her hand across the aisle and Emily took her freezing cold hand from her jacket pocket to shake it.
            “How long have you been working at the hotel?” Emily asked, trying to keep the conversation going.
            “This’ll be my seventh year at Evergreen. Might actually be my last.”
            “Oh, why’s that?”
            “Mr. Thomas, you know him, the hotel manager, only wants young vivacious girls in his employ.”
            “What! But you’re like in your early twenties, right?”
            “Twenty-five, but Mr. Thomas likes ‘em young, which is as creepy as it sounds. Did he mention anything about walking the hotel alone?” Rachel gave her a stern look as the hydraulic brakes of the bus squeaked to a stop at a red light.
            “No. I, I mean, I talked to him on Skype, but he said I would learn everything at orientation. Is the hotel dangerous?” Emily could already feel her anxiety setting in as her pulse quickened.
            “The place isn’t…dangerous, but some of the guests can get a little possessive if you know what I mean. They’re the kind of people that aren’t used to facing consequences.”
            Emily gripped her armrests as the bus started up a steep incline. “How do you mean?”
            “Right, you’ve never been to Deer Grove…”
            “Deer Grove? Isn’t this the bus to the Evergreen Lake Hotel?” Emily started looking around for signs she was on the right bus. Outside the tinted windows, all she could see were walls of lusciously green pine trees.
            “Evergreen is in Deer Grove. It’s the little town we just passed through. You know how Aspen is like the destination for people who think they’re rich and powerful?”
            “I guess.”
            “Well, Deer Grove is where the people who are actually rich and powerful go on winter vacation. Some hotshot, Silicon Valley millionaire thinks he can put his hand wherever he wants and you’ll just smile and take it.”
            “Are you guys talking about Beth?” a woman asked two seats down the aisle.
            “Natty? I didn’t know you were back there? Come up here and sit with me,” said Rachel who stood up so the woman could get by her. Emily watched as a tall, curvy woman stood up from her seat and shuffled down the row to take one next to Rachel. While Rachel was tall and more than a little full-figured, Natty looked like she was right out of a Frank Frazetta painting with her skin-tight clothes hugging her seductive curves. Her dirty blonde locks fell just passed her shoulders and her eyes claimed the hue of chocolate. Emily swallowed and wiped cold sweat from her forehead.
            “I’m Natty,” the gorgeous woman smiled as she reached across Rachel’s lap.
            “You telling a complete stranger what happened to Beth?” Natty asked.
            “Not exactly. Emily is going to be on housekeeping with us, and I was telling her to never walk around the hotel alone.”
            Natty nodded. “Good advice. Don’t need some rich asshole ruining your life.”
            “Wait, what are you guys talking about? Wouldn’t Mr. Thomas call the police or make them leave or something if one of the guests attacked us?”
            Rachel snorted a laugh and Natty just shook her head.
            “That’s not how it works here at Evergreen. We have to watch out for each other. You can’t go in a room alone, even to clean.”  She paused to look out the window, “I’ll tell you the rest after orientation. Looks like we’re here.”
            The shuttle bus squeaked to a stop and the doors flew open. Emily caught her mind second-guessing herself again. One of the main things that drew her to this job in the first place was its promised pay of over four hundred dollars a day, supposedly. Her brain flooded with every possible scenario of what might happen if she was caught alone and she began to wonder if pay that high was really worth it. She squeezed her eyes shut, took a deep breath, and tried to distract herself by focusing on the building at which she’d just arrived.
              In front of her was the most massive hotel Emily had ever seen. Two, massive, six-story wings sprawled southwest and southeast, connected to an impressive main building. The entire structure looked to be one, colossal wood cabin, though the siding was most likely just aesthetic. Out front were no less than seven flag poles mostly from various countries. Included in them were a flag for Colorado, a flag for Deer Grove, and one with the hotel’s crest: two elk on their hind legs and a wreath around a green lake on a field of gold. Emily was in awe of the structure. Though it only contained two hundred forty rooms, each one was a sprawling suite for the most prestigious guests in the world.

End of excerpt.

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